Event descriptions for Lifeguard Olympics 2000
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Water Basketball: 4 team members.
Single elimination. First team to 6 points wins. One basket. Three passes and then you must shoot.

Rescue Tube Relay: 4 team members.
Teams will compete in a 112 total yard relay with each member swimming 28 yards (the length of the pool). Members will swim with the rescue tube on using the crawl stroke or breast stroke. Race ends when final member reaches the side of the pool.

Passive Victim Rescue: Individual event.
The rescue begins on the deck overlooking the deep end of the pool. The object of the passive victim rescue is to enter the water, approach the victim, perform a rescue and tow the victim to the end with the aid of a tube. proper approaches and tows should be used. The fastest 3 times will receive points for their team. The field is open to a maximum of 4 entries per team.

Inner Tube Relay: 4 team members.
This event is ran the same way as the Rescue Tube Relay (see above) only participants will ride on/in and paddle inner tubes.

Ultimate Lifeguard Competition: Individual event.
The lifeguard will swim 56 yards in the pool (one lap), rescue a victim in the shallow end using a rescue tube and pull them to the side. They will then get out, run down to the 5 foot and pull a victim to the side using the shepherd's crook. Lastly, they will dive down 12 feet to get a diving brick. The fastest 3 times will win points for their team and win the Ultimate Lifeguard title. Maximum of 4 entries per team.

Camel Races: 4 team members.
One person will be standing in the pool and another team member will ride on their shoulders and will walk a set distance in the water. If the person on top falls, the team must stop where they are and get the person back onto their shoulders. When they reach the end, the next two team members go.

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