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Copyright 2001

Date:  July 22, 2001 Phone: 308-665-9919
Time: 6:00 pm  
Where:  Crawford Swimming Pool
1st and Reed St.
Crawford, NE 69339
How to register:  Call, email or send in your registration form.
Entry Fee:  $30 if registered before June 29, 2001.  
$50 if registered after June 29, 2001.
Teams must be registered by July 5, 2001.

Teams consist of at least 4 certified lifeguards.

Objectives of the Panhandle Lifeguard Olympics:
1.     To provide an opportunity for educational exchange among lifeguards.

2.     To promote public recognition and appreciation of lifeguards as dedicated,    skilled professionals.

3. To provide lifeguards an opportunity to compete in a lifeguarding competition.

4. To provide certified lifeguards an event for fun and fellowship while pursuing excellence in skills of common interest.

5. To promote employee motivation and teamwork.

Events: (Click on the event to read the description)

Information on last year's Panhandle Lifeguard Olympics.