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Daily Admission and Season Pass prices are determined yearly by the City of Crawford Park Board.

  As of 2001

Daily Admission Prices

Child (0-5) = $1.00
Youth (6-16) = $2.00
Adult (17 & up) = $2.50

Season Membership Prices
Only sold until July 15, 2001

Single Child (0-5) = $20.00
Single Youth (6-16) = $30.00
Single Adult (17 & Up) = $35.00
Family Up to 6 Members = $60.00
An extra $10 per person after 6.
* See Family membership policy below.

Lap Swimming/Aerobics: $1.00/time or a season membership.   Must be 14 or older to attend.

Family Season Membership Policy:

Family Season Memberships are for immediate family members living in the same household only.  Immediate family members include: Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Adopted and Stepchildren.  This package does not include cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, or friends. Grandparents may buy a family membership for their grandchildren.  The Family Season Membership is $60 for 6 people (as of 2001).  These 6 people must include at least 1 adult with a maximum of 2 adults and up to five 5 children (1 adult + 5 children or 2 adults + 4 children).  High school graduates or people age 20 or above, whichever of the two comes first, are not eligible to be included as children on another adult’s pass.  Nor can a high school graduate or age 20 or above, whichever comes first, be included as an adult on someone else’s pass.  A high school graduate or age 20 or above, whichever comes first, is considered a separate family and must purchase their own pass.  Adults cannot be mixed on the pass (Ex: Must have both parents or grandparents as the adults.  Not a parent and a grandparent. Not a parent and a child age 20 or above) but children can be mixed if they are not high school graduates/age 20 or above (Ex: a child age 16 and a grandchild age 2 can be on the same membership.  A child age 20 and a grandchild age 2 cannot be on the same membership.)   Examples are available in the Season Membership binder.  Extra people (after the first 6) are an extra $10 per person.  These added people must also be immediate family members living in the same household.  There is still a maximum 2 adults on the membership.  Families may only add extra children to the membership. 

To buy a Season Membership, an adult age 20 or older must be present to fill out the Season Membership form and sign it.  Also, emergency contact information must be provided in the event of an accident.

Changes made to the season membership after it is signed must be approved by the Aquatics Manager.  Family Memberships will only be sold until July 15, 2001.  After this date, daily rates will apply to those not having a membership.  The only exceptions will be decided by the Aquatics Manager on a per situation basis.

Refund Policy:
No refunds will be issued for memberships, daily fees or swimming lessons unless requested in writing and accompanied by a written doctor’s excuse and approved by the Aquatics Manager and Assistant Aquatics Manager.  Please use discretion before visiting the pool when conditions indicate inclement weather.