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4 team members (3 rescuers and a victim)

This event is designed to test the lifeguards’ ability to work as a team to stabilize a victim with a possible spinal cord injury.  The accident occurs in the 5 ft with a face down victim.  The primary rescuer will enter the water using the proper entry and use the proper spinal injury rescue techniques to rescue the victim and bring them down to the shallow end (about 28 yards) while maintaining inline stabilization.  The 2nd rescuer will "clear the pool" and enter the water to assist.  The 3rd rescuer will "call 911", bring the backboard and assist the rescuers to secure the victim to the backboard and lift them out of the water.  This is a timed event.  The time will start when the guard blows their whistle. Time will end when the victim is lifted out of the water and is placed on the deck.  Points will also be given for properly maintaining inline stabilization, properly securing the victim to the backboard, lifeguard to victim communication, and "calling EMS".