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Individual event

Participants will compete in a swim, rescue and run ultimate challenge.

The event will begin in the deep end on the diving boards.  The lifeguard will do a dive into the deep end off of the board and swim down to the 3 ft and back to the 5 ft.  (A little more than 50 yards.)  They will climb out and put on a rescue tube and run to the 3 ft. to get/"rescue" a victim.  They will tow the victim to the 5 ft (28 yards) using both hands and the rescue tube.  They will then pick up the brick on the bottom of the 5 ft. and tow it on their chest or side to the 3 ft.  Time stops when the brick is set on the deck.

This event is limited to 2 males and 2 females per team.  The top male and female will win the Ultimate Lifeguard title.  This is an individual event earning points for the team.